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Interspecies Telepathic Communication


If you deeply love animals, and wish for a deeper connection of love and understanding in relationship with them, you’re in the right place.

You may have a special relationship with a certain animal, and wish to explore that relationship.

You know that animals have much to tell you about their needs and viewpoints, and you wish to understand them more clearly with telepathy.

You wish to help your animal companion through growth, illness or transition in life or death.

You wish to bring closure and healing to a relationship with an animal after they have passed into spirit.

You wish to understand the purpose you and your animal have in each other’s lives.

You wish to assist your animal in healing, succeeding in their personal journey, feeling happiness, joyful, comfortable and peaceful.

Kristin and cat

To assist you in this process, I offer several courses and products to serve as fine guidance, and I give you my time and ability to personally guide you and your animals through a personal consultation.

By discovering your animal's perspectives, it enables you both to shift, and begin to live in deeper connection, and in better flow immediately. The result is refreshment, empowerment, enlightenment, deeper love and understanding, and return to peace for you both.

Please allow me to assist you in bringing your relationship with your animals to a whole new level.

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What Clients Say

"My consultation was a wonderful experience. Your kindness and concern for my cat was so obvious. You were able to calm my concerns I had about her health.You also gave me insight into the life and happiness of her both past and present.

She was able to share with me her needs and that is what I wanted! Your talent for getting within the world of animals is amazingly accurate."


About Kristin

For as long as I can remember, I have adored animals. My favorite friends growing up were the dogs, cats, horses, hamsters and other domestic and wild animals that lived with our family and neighbors.

I have always had a strong connection with animals, and have felt their feelings, thoughts, joys, pains in very real and deep ways. My life with animals has been joyous, healing and full of discovery.


Consult Kristin

A consultation whether by phone or in person is an opportunity for two-way telepathic communication with your animal companions. It can be interactive, enlightening, healing and much fun!

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Most animals are excited about talking with you and are ready to communicate, and send information very quickly. They usually know when you made the appointment and are eagerly waiting for this opportunity as much as you are!

What to expect...

Learn How To Talk To Your Animals

We offer a variety of classes in the following categories:

  • Introduction to Animal Communication
  • Level 1 Animal Communication
  • Level 2 Animal Communication
  • Advanced Animal Communication
  • Ethics for Animal Care Practitioners
  • Animal Communication Consultations

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